The recruitment and tryout process is a vital part to Stanford Mock Trial's continued success. New members contribute just as much as our returning members, and they play crucial roles in tournaments immediately following their acceptance in the program. We can't wait to find new members for the 2016-2017 season! 

how do i join smt? 

Tryouts for the team take place at the beginning of Fall Quarter each year. Prior to tryouts, one or two information sessions will be held in order to familiarize new students with our program; we will also put together a mailing list of those interested in auditioning at the information sessions. The dates of the information sessions will be announced via our Facebook page. If you want to receive updates on the exact times and locations of the information session, please send us an email requesting to be added to our mailing list. 

can i only audition if i am a freshman? 

No! We highly encourage all undergraduates to try out, including upperclassmen. Even if you were not accepted in the program in a previous year, you are welcome to try out again. Commitment to the team, willingness to work hard, and perseverance are qualities our program highly values; your prior tryout will serve to make you an even more compelling candidate. 

what will i need to do in the audition? 

At the end of each information session, students who want to try out will sign up for a 15-minute time slot and report whether they would like to try out as witnesses or attorneys (we will provide more information on the distinction between those two roles at the information sessions for those who do not have previous mock trial experience). 

Each student, regardless of whether he/she is trying out to be a witness or an attorney, must prepare a 5-minute speech to deliver. The topic of the speech is not limited to something related to the law - we highly recommend students simply choose topics in which they are interested. The purpose of this speech is not for us to judge the quality of the content of each speech, but rather to allow us to understand how well each student can perform in front of a group. 

If you want to try out as a witness, we will send you an affidavit of a character in the current year's case. This document details who the witness is, and how he/she is involved in the case. There is no need to memorize the document - just become familiar with the witness, and be ready to respond to questions while in character.