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What is mock trial?

Mock trial is an academic activity that allows students to simulate an American legal proceeding. Each year, the AMTA case committee develops a case complete with legal statutes, witness affidavits, and evidence. Each year alternates between a civil and criminal proceeding. Students take on roles as attorneys, witnesses, or both, and prepare speeches and examinations for tournaments. During the trials, students must make arguments based on an abbreviated version of the Federal Rules of Evidence, and present the case before experienced judges and attorneys. 

Do i need experience to try out for mock trial? 

No! We welcome all undergraduates regardless of experience! If you did mock trial for four years in high school and are looking to continue, great! If you've never done any sort of public speaking at all, also great! We will teach you everything you need to know about public speaking and courtroom procedure in order to contribute to the team.

During tryouts, we will evaluate your potential to be a supportive member of the team, which is not dependent on the amount of previous experience you've had. We are looking for people who want to work hard and who want to learn. Some of our strongest members came in with no prior experience before trying out for the team!

is stanford mock trial competitive?

As an organization, yes. Stanford sends teams to the top tournaments in the nation, and we expect our members to perform competitively. Check out our results for more information on our recent successful performances.Within the team, however, we maintain a friendly environment and strive to create a supportive community for all members. 

what kind of a time commitment is stanford mock trial?

In order to maintain Stanford's success as a program, we expect members to put in a significant amount of work. Teams usually meet for a couple of hours each week (usually twice a week in the evenings). When we have upcoming tournaments, we will meet more frequently, often including weekends.